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20 October 2021

A seminar entitled : Sustainable energy action plan

20 October 1:00 pm - 20 October 2021 1:30 pm Cihan University Duhok - Peshmergah Hall
17 October 2021

A seminar entitled : Social Media Addiction

17 October 2:00 pm - 17 October 2021 2:30 pm Hall No 216
16 October 2021

A seminar entitled : The Rule of Kurdish Women Through History

16 October 2:00 pm - 16 October 2021 2:30 pm Hall No : 216
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Dear Students:
To develop your scientific abilities, Cihan University provides you with a unique academic environment through the use of many basic requirements as well as specialized and efficient faculty members to elevate your capabilities and help you compete in the labor market in all sectors whether inside or outside the region, since the medium of instruction in our university is English. Thanks to the Kurdistan regional government and the ministry of higher education for their support to make the university more productive and successful. In our strategy, we believe that universities aim at leading the country in research and education
a most important issue in the higher education sector, we believe in competing with other academic institutions.
Finally, we trust that building our higher education capacity is not a luxury, but a necessity in order to use our potentials to bring sustainable development to our country and community.

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