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Welcome to Cihan University - Duhok

Cihan University - Duhok, founded in 2013 under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (No. 1432 N, August 14, 2013), stands as a paragon of academic distinction and innovation. Our commitment lies in sculpting the leaders of tomorrow through a comprehensive educational ethos.

Situated within the enchanting landscapes of Dohuk Governorate in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Cihan University boasts a contemporary campus equipped with avant-garde facilities tailored to cultivate academic brilliance and student involvement. From administrative edifices to state-of-the-art medical units furnished with cutting-edge laboratories, and hubs dedicated to research, sports, artificial intelligence, and media, our campus provides an ideal setting for intellectual exploration and personal development. Complemented by verdant expanses, athletic amenities, dining choices, and libraries, we endeavor to foster an atmosphere conducive to both scholarly pursuits and individual growth.

At the core of Cihan University - Duhok lies our esteemed faculty, comprising nationally and internationally trained professionals who are deeply committed to fostering critical thinking and practical skills among our student body. Through their expertise and mentorship, our objective is to furnish graduates with the acumen and proficiencies essential not only for success within the Kurdistan Region but also on a global scale.

In alignment with our strategic roadmap spanning (2017 - 2027), we remain steadfast in our resolve to attract top-tier talent, deliver superlative education, enrich student experiences, and cultivate employability. By prioritizing quality, relevance, internationalization, accreditation, and the delineation of graduate competencies, we empower our alumni to confront the challenges of nation-building, market dynamics, and global competitiveness with confidence.

Moreover, we place great emphasis on collaboration and engagement. Cihan University actively seeks partnerships with governmental bodies, enterprises, industries, and communities to engender enduring socio-economic advantages for Kurdistan and beyond. Through concerted efforts with stakeholders across various domains, we endeavor to foster a sense of collective pride and mutual accomplishment within the constituencies we serve.

Welcome to Cihan University - Duhok, where excellence meets opportunity, and where the journey to success begins.