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The Department of medical laboratory aims at building technical medical teams that deal with the latest analytical devices, medical and health supplies and supervised by a distinguished teaching staff with a high level of experience in the field of analytical techniques. The Department of medical laboratory accepts the students of the preparatory school (the scientific branch) and the graduates of the medical institutes and the duration of the study in the college for four years, and the graduate is granted a bachelor’s degree in the techniques of pathological analysis. Modern medicine relies on scientific and practical bases in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, the pathology analyzes in hospital and other health institutions play an active role in the diagnosis of diseases and epidemics that kill society and help doctors solve and help to solve many underlying or unexplained disease problems. To provide the appropriate medicines for various diseases, and in order to fill the shortage of medical staff for various specialties, especially techniques of pathological analysis, and for the purpose of raising staff trained on modern techniques in the science of medical laboratories, the University of Cihan – Duhok  in line with the urgent need for this type of specialization, The University has the potential of an integrated teaching staff: large classrooms, laboratories equipped with the latest laboratory supplies necessary from laboratory equipment, chemicals, laboratory furniture and others. 


The Medical Laboratory Technique program prepares highly skilled graduates who are committed to excellence, innovation and evidence-based practice in a rapidly changing health-care environment. Throughout the program, there is an emphasis on collaboration, accountability, leadership and research as the foundation of evidence. 


The vision of the Department of medical laboratory is to establish specialized medical laboratories, to develop postgraduate studies (master’s and doctorate) in the fields of pathological analysis, and to host specialists in pathological analyzes from the world’s oldest universities, in order to raise the scientific level of the graduates of the college and make them in the ranks of prestigious colleges and universities. 


  •  Prepare specialized staffs to serve different medical specialties (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing)
  • Contribute to the development of society through the development of health services and in cooperation with health institutions and others through: Contribute to the preparation and implementation of health programs and plans, taking advantage of the expertise of specialists. And provide the necessary equipment to improve the quality of health services. And to encourage medical and health research in the areas of pathological analyzes and other medical specialties.
  • Supporting hospitals and health centers with medical staff specializing in pathological analyzes, as well as filling the needs of health institutions, official and private hospitals and special pathological analysis laboratories

The message:
The Department of medical laboratory seeks to select the best scientific methods in modernizing the useful information and keep up with the latest scientific developments to the students through the academic staff of the distinguished teachers, as well as providing students with scientific experiences through hands-on training in the laboratories of the department 

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