In CUD.CRC we are committed to exceeding the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our work. As such, we expect from ourselves and offer to the public nothing less than honesty, integrity and accountability. We also promote greater diversity among scientists, staff, and students at all levels of the University.

The center aims to deepen the relationship between the university and all sectors of society In the Kurdistan region through the integration of the scientific aspect practical side, so by taking advantage of relevant practical experience and scientific expertise in the fields of Management, economics, computers and finance and Banking as well as the experience of project management to develop and raise the level of scientific research and university advancement into the ranks of world universities. Administrative structure consists of the director of the center Dr. Nawar Al-
Saadi and the secretary of the center .While the scientific group consists from the center’s director and the members of the research team.



To enable the achievement of excellence by the research community,

  • Partners with the research community to create a culture of high achievement.
  • Promotes shared responsibility, the ethical conduct of research, and compliance.
  • Strategically invests in promising research areas and distinct researchers.
  • Advocates for the needs of the CUD research community.
  • Broadens awareness of the value of CUD research.
  • Develops strong relationships with other Universities and research centers.
  • Enhances the ability to perform research at a global level.



     The Research center will create an outstanding atmosphere for Cihan University - Duhok researchers, broadly enabling stellar research advances. And will be a leading academic organization dedicated to advancing, applying and facilitating high standards of social and behavioral and scientific research practice for a wide variety of research workers within the university and across community, state and national arenas.



  • Develop strategies and a plan for open and clear communication
  • Improve access to key information
  • Improve researcher productivity and satisfaction by reducing administrative burden
  • Develop effective relationships with partners and the campus researchers.
  • Strategically analyze risks and benefits
  • Cultivate an environment that stimulates, challenges and grows staff knowledge, skills and competencies through continuous learning
  • Encourage staff engagement and participation at all levels of process improvement to achieve the goals.


Centers Contact Info


+964 751 410 3557
[email protected]

9:00am - 3:00pm