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Cihan University-Duhok Cafe and Restaurant

With the aim of providing a suitable environment, spending time and obtaining meals during the working hours for students, two places have been allocated at Cihan University - Duhok as a cafe and a restaurant, and by announcing tenders and according to health instructions and procedures, and it is leased by contracting with one of the competing applicants.

Terms of contract for café and restaurant:

  • The prices of food and beverages are determined and agreed upon in the interest of the students.
  • That the requests are as desired by the students and within the traditions of the region.
  • The contractor must be registered with the administrative authorities of the government and all employees have health insurance.
  • To apply all instructions and procedures issued by the supervisory and health departments
  • Provide all health and safety requirements and materials related to the awareness raising of cleaning and smoking in the restaurant.