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This program is designed to prepare educational leaders and teachers who are able to face the challenges of renewed learning environment.  It prepares the faculty according to the framework of the latest theories of teaching and learning, including academic and practical knowledge in the prospects of specialized educational curricular. Besides using standardized levels of modern educational technology consistent with social awareness of working in educational institutions in both public and private sector. The department accepts graduates of high school from both (scientific and literary) branches. The duration of the study is four years after which the students receive a certificate of Bachelor in general education.


Providing excellent educational quality by implementing creative and innovative strategies in both leading and educational research. As well as using modern teaching methods and techniques to dedicate their contributions as effective forces in building society.


Achieving leadership in areas of specialized educational development. And excellence in preparing a generation of educational leaders and thinkers who will be essential pillars in building a dynamic and renewed knowledge society.


  1. Preparing and qualifying professional faculty who are characterized by interacting positively with the social environment. As well as having the technical ability necessary for continuing professional growth by academic accreditation standards and the renewed needs of society.
  2. Providing an outstanding educational product that contributes directly or in the long term to the development of knowledge to enhance professional practices and efforts made to manage educational reform in addition to meeting the emerging needs in the educational field as well as the challenges of sustainable comprehensive knowledge development.
  3. Creating new and distinguished academic programs to serve the requirements of society. Besides developing theoretical and practical knowledge and implementing them to solve educational and social problems.
  4. Effective contribution in raising the efficiency of teachers and instructors of public and private educational institutions through providing support and assistance. In addition to providing special programs and training courses for specialized services to sustain interaction with society in the framework of the strategic partnership with local and international educational institutions.
  5. Enhancing the mechanisms of scientific research cooperation with local and international universities, ministries and other institutions by participating in conferences and workshops in various educational specialties.
  6. Encouraging authentic scientific research related to the needs of society among both faculty and students.

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Department of Public Education
Department of Public Education
Department of Public Education
Department of Public Education
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Department of Public Education
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