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Having an AI center in a university is of great importance. It serves as a hub for AI-related research, innovation, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Such centers attract top talent, foster cutting-edge discoveries, and facilitate partnerships with industries, leading to valuable contributions in AI technology and addressing societal challenges. Furthermore, AI centers provide specialized education and training, ensuring students gain relevant skills for the rapidly evolving AI landscape.


Based on the goals and philosophy of AI center, the Center seeks to provide the university by intelligent opportunities in accordance with international standards and to promote scientific and programming in the fields of AI platform and Technology to meet the needs of the local community and development plans.


The AI center seeks to provide an integrated academic program that prepare the university staff with the new artificial intelligence tools such as Cross platform and develop their with intelligence environment such as phone application.


Prepare courses for entry-level software developer or tester employment in various organizational contexts. 
The trained people gain skills and knowledge to identify software solutions, databases, and web and computer applications by AI.
Increase the skills of the university staff in the AI field.
Share information with the international university in the AI filed.
Another objective is pioneering AI research, education, and innovation for positive societal transformation.

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