Department of Computer Science

Computer Science Department is one of the important departments at Cihan University. It started in 2013 with  the foundation of the university. It teaches theoretical and practical methods of processing and communicating information by means of computers.  The department accepts graduates of high school science branch .The Period of study at the Department of Computer is four years. Graduates are awarded the degree of the Bachelor of Computer Science. Our department emphasizes the important of the quality of education, and the faculty members. The department has a qualified academic staff in the most important areas in computer science, with learning environment where leading-edge technology takes place on a daily basis. Therefore the graduates qualify for the transition to the labour market successfully 


The department of computer science seeks to provide graduates qualified to deal with software and information more efficiently, and to provide appropriate opportunities for the capacity building development in order to invest in the information technology advances, and to look forward to prepare outstanding graduates in the field of education. The department of computer science quests to be in a position of leadership in the educational, academic and research fields, so as to provide high-quality programmers who are able to contribute to the building of the society in various institutions and transferring the technology to it 


The department of Computer Science seeks to establish a base of innovators and specialists in computer science and the Programming languages, to form a distinguished scientific base in areas related to the knowledge and applications of computers, and to prepare plans for the development of the educational tools in order to ensure the fulfillment of the highest quality requirements. The department of computer science also ensures the provision of distinguished graduates who are able to cover the market needs, and keep up with the advances in the field of information and communication technology. The department ensures that the graduates are able to complete their post graduate studies in the various fields of computer science and are able to do high-quality scientific research. 


The objectives of the Department are:
Graduating specialized cadres in computer science able to meet the market needs and have the theoretical and practical knowledge along with the needed skills to satisfy the needs of the community in the Kurdistan Region – Iraq , Iraqi and internationally .
Supporting the applied studies associated with the development of systems and software solutions.
Developing training programs aimed at raising the level of the usage of computers in various fields, allow citizens to take advantage of these programs, and provide advice and technical support to the various sectors of the society.
Providing academic programs of excellence in the field of computer science in accordance with the global quality assurance standards.
Providing graduates with the needed knowledge to conduct basic research and provide graduates with the skills to be able to communicate and work with others individually, or in a team. 

Department Contact Info

Department of Computer Science

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8:30 am - 3:00 pm