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The BSc Clinical Biochemistry is full- time four year program, offered by the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, College of Health Sciences, Cihan university - Duhok. The program is specifically designed to provide students with a through grounding in the theory and practice of Clinical Biochemistry as conducted within the modern health science laboratory. In particular, the program seeks to develop their academic, practical, professional and communication skills. 

Upon graduation, Clinical Biochemistries practice in variety setting including primary health care centers, governmental hospitals, Private hospitals, health center, and medical research centers


The primary mission of the Clinical Biochemistry department is to provide its students with exemplary teaching, research and learning experience of the highest quality and to become  biochemist  scientists who will influence the health care needs of people in the region, and the nation. The   department is committed to provide  excellent education in the field of biochemistry for the students of medicine, encourage and guarantee production of high quality scientific research and to graduate qualified doctors equipped with  knowledge, skills  and values vital to meet the requirements of the Kurdistan region  in the field of high-level health care as well as the biomedical and social areas to better understand health and disease.


To advance the science and practice of clinical chemistry and laboratory through quality leadership and innovation excellence in professional training, standard of patient care, research, improved communication and understanding of disease through training courses, workshops, To prepare competent graduates with outstanding capabilities which help them understand the biochemical basics of biological processes inside the human body, both in sickness and disease, and to pursue scientific research in all medical domains. 


During the study, students should be able to demonstrate competence in preparing and interpreting a variety of clinical specimens, including appropriate documentation which may include working with laboratory information systems. Students should also exhibit appropriate behaviors with  respect to interpersonal relationships, dependability, integrity and professionalism.

Students will have met the objectives of the Clinical courses by demonstrating competence in:

-Conducting themselves in accordance with laboratory policies and procedures at each clinical site.

-Accountability for accurate, independent pre-resulting interpretation for a variety of clinical specimens and the responsibility for professional behavior of a practicing.

-Participation in staff review of procedures with Medical Laboratory Scientists and Laboratory Directors.

-Participation in laboratory organization, including manual and/or computerized record keeping and reporting systems, quality control and quality assurance procedures.

Undergraduate students will learn about a range of disciplines in the field of Clinical Biochemistry.

·         Medicinal chemistry

·         Cellular & Molecular Biology

·         Biochemistry

·         Basic and Clinical Hematology

·         General and Medical Microbiology

·         Basic and systemic Pathology

·         Human Anatomy and physiology

·         Biotechnology

·         Clinical Biochemistry

·         Biosafety and Biosecurity

·         Organic and Analytical Chemistry

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