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The Department of English was founded in 2013 in response to the increasing demands for graduates in the field of English language and literature especially after the fast developments in Kurdistan Region. Since then it witnessed radical changes in its faculty members, number of students, the subjects taught, and the facilities offered. 


The mission of the Department of English is to develop the student’s linguistic and literary knowledge, their cultural perception and awareness and their English language skills. It also aims at preparing the graduates to cope with the job opportunities available after obtaining their bachelor degree. the Department also prepares its students to deal with a fast-changing and technologically advanced and recognized contexts shaped by international phenomena. 


The department looks forward to establish a center of high reputability with international standards that enhances the teaching and training processes of the students and preparing them for the future responsibilities and careers. This vision makes a major contribution to the expectations of the whole university. 


The Department aims at:
Qualifying well educated graduates to meet the demands of the society and the labour market.
Preparing students for higher studies.
Raising the level of education in all the region through English as an international language.
Creating a solid ground for cross-cultural communications.
Developing a spirit of cooperation and feed back with the alumni 

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