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Since ancient times, Fine Arts have carried a humane message for man life. Furthermore, they play an effective role in consecrating the concepts of beauty and passion amongst the members of society, Likewise, the humanitarian service remains the message of the artist, which is backed up by the academic study which prepares the technical staffs capable of implementing its mission via a specially designed curriculum. 


The discipline of Fine Arts is one of the important components of the structure of culture. The development of Fine Arts has a positive impact on cultural life as well as it is an important factor in the advancement of human life, The Department of Fine Arts, however, plays a vital role in the development of artistic taste in society. Consequently, the society interacts with beauty in such a way that expands the horizons and perceptions of people. The department of Fine Arts believes in the importance of art; in the evolution and development of human life. 


The Department of Fine Arts aims at preparing a young generation of artists who have the ability to produce artistic work and participating in the activation of the artistic movement through holding exhibitions and plastic activities which contribute to the development of the cultural movement and supporting them to enhance its position at both individuals and society levels.

Accordingly, it emphasizes the cultural depth of the people of Kurdistan and its artistic product through the historical periods to make a connection with the historical achievement through the artistic work which belongs to modernism 

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