Cihan University - Duhok wishes you happy New Year

Wishing you good health overwhelming success and boundless enthusiasm

Zakho University Vice-President’s Visit to Cihan University-Duhok

November 5, 2017

Cihan University participated in Innovation Expo of Duhok province Universities

Cihan University signed an agreement with Clever Information Technology (CIT)

Clever Information Technology (CIT) & Cihan University - Duhok

Cihan University - Duhok held a ceremony for the national kurdish flag day

Dec 17, 2017

First Graduation Ceremony

Friday, September 22, 2017 at 05.30 p.m at Cihan University – Duhok campus



University Activities

Upcoming Events

We would like to request your presence in the seminar entitled " University Information System" that will be held Saturday on 2 December,2017 at presidency floor/ computer lab 3111 Seminar presenter : Bilal Hikmat Rasheed Department: Computer Science Date : 2 December,2017 Time: 02:00 P.M Place: Presidency Floor / Computer Lab 3111

Cihan University - Duhok offered a warm welcome to students who are starting and returning to their courses. we wish you well and hope you enjoy your studies, your new friendships and the world that will open up for you. And of course we hope you graduate with the qualification that will help you in your future lives.

Second attempts of final examination will start on September 9 , 2017.


Department of English

Department of English

founded in 2013 in response to the increasing demands for graduates in the field of English language and literature especially after the fast developments in Kurdistan Region.

Department of Banking and Financial Sciences

Department of Banking and Financial Sciences

helps the students to acquire the knowledge of financial management and advanced skills in assessing financial risks and returns, so that you can direct organizations in ways that mixing their value and enhances their skills and business acumen.

Department of Accounting

Department of Accounting

was established in 2013, and has been developing ever since. This department accepts high school graduates of three tracks: scientific, humanities, and vocational.

Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

one of the important departments at Cihan University. It started in 2013 with the foundation of the university. It teaches theoretical and practical methods of processing and communicating information by means of computers.

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Founder's Message

Dear prospective students,

You are about to become part of the distinguished tradition of Cihan University! Whether you are seeking to attend an academic program or improve your career potential or enrich your life through education, Cihan University is the right choice!
More than merely engaging minds, what we do at Cihan University engages the whole person. Our mission asserts that education should never be confined to the classroom. Cihan University is committed to the ideal of developing one’s total self – intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.
At Cihan University we encourage you to share your inspirations, grow in ways you have never imagined and search the pinnacle of your personal and professional dreams.

Although Cihan University is a new university, it develops rapidly! My vision as a founder of this institution is to see it among the finest universities in Middle East offering accredited undergraduate and graduate programs in most fields! Soon, Cihan University will expand its academic programs to medical studies, opening the first Teaching Hospital in the country!

Dear students, we are all here to inspire you, enabling you to reach out and inspire others.
As the Founder of Cihan University, I welcome you and wish you all the best !

Dr. Nawzad Bajger

Dr. Nawzad Bajger

Cihan University Founder
Dr. Zeravan Abdulmuhsen Asaad

Dr. Zeravan Abdulmuhsen Asaad

University President

President's Message

Dear Students:

To develop your scientific abilities, Cihan University provides you with a unique academic environment through the use of many basic requirements as well as specialized and efficient faculty members to elevate your capabilities and help you compete in the labor market in all sectors whether inside or outside the region, since the medium of instruction in our university is English. Thanks for the Kurdistan regional government and ministry of higher education for their support to make the university more productive and successful. In our strategy, we believe that universities aim at leading the country in research and education. Therefore, we seek to achieve our goals in ways that enable the society to optimally utilize them nationally and internationally. Moreover, we try to do our best in revitalizing and improving higher education through the following:

• The spirit of teamwork.

• Working with regional, national, international partners, and academic institutions.

• Since marketing is the most powerful factor for transforming higher education and quality as well as it is the most important issue in higher education sector ,we believe in competing with other academic institutions.

Finally, we trust that building our higher education capacity is not a luxury, but a necessity in order to use our potentials to bring sustainable development to our country and community.

CIHAN UNIVERSITYis the oldest established English-speaking

private university and the first multi-campus University in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.Cihan currently has campuses in the major cities of Kurdistan namely



offers undergraduate degrees in Law, Business Administration, Accounting & IT, Communication & Engineering, Computer Science, International Relations, Architecture Engineering, Biology, Graphic Design and English.


offers undergraduate degrees in Law, Business Administration, Accounting by IT, Accounting, Computer Science, and English.


Our most recent campus,our campus offers degrees in Accounting, Computer Science, Banking and English.