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Cihan University Dohuk Second Annual Book Fair

Cihan University-Dohuk Second Annual Book Fair
On the occasion of World Book Day, the Research Center at Cihan Duhok University (CRC) organized the second annual book fair in the Research Center Hall. This year, the Fair included seven speakers: 
1-    Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmed Abdulkareem Shaban, who presented his book “The Silence of Writing”.
2-    And Dr. Marwan Youssef Hussein, who talked about his novel “I Am Human.” 
3-    Mr. Rayan Siddiq Ahmad presented his book “The Laboratory and the Interpretation of Medical Test”. 
Participation varied among students as well: 
1-    The student Sidra Ahmad Saleem presented her book, “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.” 
2-    The student Sarwar Faisal Fattah presented his translated book, “Human Searches for Meaning.”
3-    In his book, “I Have a Presentation,” student Julie Shaban Ahmad addressed various administrative topics. 
4-    While the student Walat Ahmed Oramary talked about enhancing self-confidence in her book, “Know How to Trust Yourself.”
Attended the event the President of the University, Professor Dr. Zervan Abdul Mohsen Asaad, and the Qaem Makham of Sheikhan Sheikh Sardar, in addition to a number of academic, literary and media figures. At the end of the event, certificates of appreciation were distributed to the speakers by the university.