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International Workshop entitled (Software: Tool for Change).


On 11th April 2021 The Research Center at Cihan University-Dohuk held International Workshop this international workshop will  be from (Apr 11, 2021 To Apr 19, 2021) and each session will be for 3 hours, in the presence of Dr. Zeravan Abdulmohsen Asaad the President of Cihan University, entitled (Software: Tool for Change).

The main speakers were




Dr. Christopher Kumar Anand, Associate Professor, Department of Computing and Software, McMaster University, Canada.

 Department of Computing and Software McMaster University 1280 Main Street West Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4K1 Canada.

Program Description:

Outreach is a community service program in which Cihan University students will be trained in functional programming and Design Thinking and carry out a campaign of outreach to local schools. Giving children who currently have little contact with technology the chance to create their own software and hopefully inspire them to pursue a STEM career through college education.

Our outreach program incorporates innovative teaching methods to develop “The Future ChangeMakers.” Through an Outreach program we can organize activities for character and personality development to produce highly competent and motivated engineers and professionals to serve and lead the society. An Outreach Program can be beneficial to the students by developing their soft skills, incorporating Design Thinking into their professional practice, seeing math concepts applied, and boosting their creativity by interacting with the younger minds at the schools. This program would also benefit from direct involvement of McMaster University mentors alongside the college mentors. The involvement of international mentors would create a whole new level of experience, adding additional value for the students and the institution.

Our experience at McMaster is that working with enrichment classes raises the expectations college students have of themselves, because they realize that a new generation is coming up who can achieve more through the early mastery of technology.