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A symposium entitled: Plagiarism and Turnitin

Today on (May 20, 2023  in the presence of the head of departments and lecturer a symposium entitled (Plagiarism and Turnitin), was presented by the Assistant Lecturer (Mr. Saif Saad Alnuimi) from the Computer Science department, Where it has been explained about The Plagiarism is a significant threat to academia, according to academics. Many colleges, including the researcher's institution, have begun employing Turnitin as a defence against that threat. This software is thought to be likely to prevent plagiarism by students. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to 1) assess the influence of Turnitin on students' plagiarism from the perspectives of both students and instructors in a private Lebanese English-speaking university and 2) asses the factors that encourage plagiarism among students. Different data-gathering techniques are used, and a concurrent mixed-methods architecture is implemented. Both quantitative and qualitative analyses are done on the data. The results show that while many participants believe Turnitin to be a good deterrent to plagiarism, it did not entirely prevent it. In a small, private university, the researcher used a concurrent mixed-methods approach to look into how students and teachers felt about plagiarism and what factors might be at play. The results, which support many of the arguments made in the literature, show that many of the participants believe Turnitin to be a reliable plagiarism detector even though it did not entirely eradicate it. Most of the participants agreed that in addition to laziness, poor morals, working under pressure, and aiming for high marks, weak citation and documentation abilities are the key factors that encourage students to plagiarize., At the end of the symposium, a set of questions and answers were raised on this subject