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A symposium entitled: Culture Clash

Today on (Nov. 21, 2023) in the presence of the head of departments and lecturer a symposium entitled (Culture Clash), was presented by the (Asst. Lect. Zeravan Ayoub Ahmed) from the Department of Public Education, Where it has been explained about All human beings are captives of their culture. Culture is simply a system of models, or knowledge, about how the world works, a construction of reality that is created, shared and transmitted by members of a society. The culture that people come from has played an important part in shaping any society. Culture is of vital importance since it assists in the way people live and articulating the manner in which information among people is administered. Miscommunication often arises due to the differences in cultures that exist that leads to people misunderstanding of other cultural contexts. Individuals from certain cultures may deal with conflict easily while others tend to find it difficult in dealing with it amenably. Language is a part of culture, and plays a very important role in the development of the culture. without language, culture would not be available. At the same
time, language is influenced and shaped by culture, it reflects culture. Differences in cultures is described in the seminar and The purpose of the seminar is to discuss how culture and cultural differences can be analyzed and understood. To effectively collaborate and communicate with people from other countries we have to share meanings. This often requires that we understand cultural differences and share cultural information. At the end of the symposium, a set of questions and answers were raised on this subject.