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A workshop entitled: Documentation of Activities (Cihan University Duhok)

 on (Apr 4, 2023) in the presence of the head of departments and lecturer a symposium entitled (Documentation of Activities (Cihan University Duhok)), was presented by (Dr. Nawar Al-Saadi) from the business administration department and the Assistant Lecturer (Mr. Saif Saad Alnuimi) from the Computer Science department, Where it has been explained about The term "documentation activities" refers to activities, such as impact mitigation, undertaken with the goal of recovering information from or about archaeological sites, evaluating and determining their significance, or documenting the archaeological site through excavation, fully or by means of representative samples, as it existed prior to proposed alteration, damage, or destruction. Electronic documentation is a set of organizational processes for preserving, recording and organizing documents and documents using modern electronic technologies by making an exact copy of them on electronic computer programs and referring to them at any time through internationally recognized search methods.
Because of the continuous discoveries, there has been an urgent need to save this huge amount of information, so specialists seek to use the system of documenting this information, which requires a long search to find it, or we may not find it, and also to provide an opportunity for researchers to analyze the data and draw from it to help refer to this large amount of data and information Therefore, the researchers had to use some mechanisms that help them retrieve the required data by using what is known as the index. When the advanced technology that uses computers and different storage media arrived, it helped researchers access information easily, quickly, and at a lower cost, and this is what electronic documentation aims for., At the end of the symposium, a set of questions and answers were raised on this subject