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a workshop entitled: Building the Personality of Youth

Cihan Educational Agency continues to serve all sections of society. Today (8th June 2022) in Peshmargah Hall in Cihan-Duhok University in order to serve the youth as one of the important components of society, a workshop entitled “Building the Personality of Youth” was presented to a number of youth, teachers and skilful people of Hawshke and Tanahi it will be continued for 6 days and each session will be for 3 hours which was organized by Cihan Educational Agency to ( Abdullaziz Mohsen Barzani) The General Supervisor of loyalists of Barzani’s path, several significant issues have been discussed which were (Reasons for choosing the topic, a definition of youth, why young people’s factors are affecting the fragility of youth personality. Finding solutions, ways and means to strengthen evolve youth personality, especially Kurdish youth.