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A symposium entitled: To Understand The World Understand Economics

On (Sep 21, 2022) in the presence of the  head of departments and lecturer a symposium entitled (To Understand The World Understand Economics), was presented by (Dr. Nawar Al-Saadi) from the business administration department , Where it has been explained about the Economics is a very significant field to master if you want to succeed in life, or at the least, understand how the world around you influences your conditions and decisions. Economics governs everything from the price you pay for your coffee to the Politics governing you and the rest of the country.
Think about all the things that is happening now wars, political conflicts between countries and companies compete, if you don't care about these things  think about your consume: food, shelter, clothing, transportation, healthcare, and entertainment. How do you acquire those items? You do not produce them yourself. You buy them. How do you afford the things you buy? You work for pay. Or if you do not, someone else does on your behalf. Yet most of us never have enough to buy all the things we want. 
If you still do not believe that economy is not important, consider the following: Does everyone need food to eat? Does everyone need a decent place to live? Does everyone have access to healthcare? In every country in the world, there are people who are hungry, homeless (for example, those who call park benches their beds), and in need of healthcare, just to focus on a few critical goods and services. Why is this the case? All of these problems will be understood if we understand the economy and its impact on our lives. , At the end of the symposium a set of questions and answers were raised on this subject