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A symposium entitled: psychological immunity

Today on (Nov 7, 2022) in the presence of the head of departments and lecturer a symposium entitled ( psychological immunity), was presented by Assistant Lecturer (Ms. Wafaa Ali Kader) from the public education department, Where it has been explained about Life is stations of joy and pain, for every moment we experience a new feeling, it may be happy such as a special success, a beautiful friendship, or getting a decent job, and fates may carry us to where we do not want, and force us to face feelings we did not imagine that we would live one day, we may lose a dear, or we leave a lover, or we are forced to leave a homeland, or we may be exposed to a financial disaster in which we lose everything we have; So we need to immunize ourselves from breaking down and giving in to such shocks, we need what is known as "psychological immunity".

For psychological immunity, when it is in an effective and successful manner, it strengthens the therapeutic effect or avoids it from the ground up.

 Some keys that maintain a balanced psychological immunity to a large extent
1 - Find alternative solutions to situations.

2 - Remember that the worst thing that happens to you may be faced by others.

3 - Reduce the sources that bother you with disturbing news.

4 - Do not exaggerate your feelings, and stay away from self-flagellation and a lot of blaming others.

5 - Make sure to check on a different friend or relative every day, and exchange feelings of friendliness and questions, not complaints and boredom.

6- Set yourself a daily goal and accomplish it, and another weekly will lead you to a bigger goal.

7 - Pay attention to what you put in your mouth of food, and what you put in your mind of words, and choose them carefully.

8- Make for you a daily devotional retreat in which you broadcast all your fears and restore yourself.

9 - Do not be silent or talk too much, and moderate the tone of your voice.

 At the end of the symposium, a set of questions and answers were raised on this subject