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A symposium entitled: Learn how to learn: methods and strategies

on (Sep 12, 2023)  in the presence of the head of departments and lecturer a symposium entitled (Learn how to learn: methods and strategies), was presented by Assist Prof. (Dr. Saad Ahmed ALnuaimi) from the business administration department, Where it has been explained about when we think about learning, we may think of the traditional image of students in the classroom listening to lectures and memorizing information. However, learning is not limited to the formal learning environment but is an ongoing process that can happen anytime, anywhere. But how can we learn how to learn effectively? In this article, we'll look at strategies and techniques that can help us enhance the process of personalized learning.


Learning skill and strategies
Learning skill is a vital skill in an individual's life, as it can be developed and activated over time. Here are some places and strategy that can enhance the learning skill:
1. Cash Finance: You must use your ability to think systematically and analytically. Rely on open questions and deep analysis of the topics you are studying.
2. Suitable time: Determine an effective schedule for your studies and learning. Use time management techniques such as dividing tasks into small, weekly tasks.
3. Use multiple sources: Take advantage of multiple learning sources such as books, articles, videos, and the online learning badge. This link is a leading understanding of the topics.
4. Enhancing listening and reading skills: Work on developing your listening skills and reading with concentration. Try using techniques such as a brief summary to put the information into your own words.
5. Practice dialogue and discussion: Participate in discussions with others about the topics you are studying. This link is for exchanging texts and opinions and understanding multiple viewpoints.
6. Use personal details to learn: practice self-reflection skills and analyze your performance. Relying on self-assessment of strengths and weaknesses to improve them.
7. Advanced learning: fast and effective design techniques such as mind-map techniques and memory techniques.
8. Learn routinely: Learn without interruption. Lack of learning is a small part of improving your skill.
9. Consult others: Don't hesitate to ask for help and advice from people who have experience in the fields they are studying.
10. Taking care of your health: Sleep, holistic nutrition and exercise are part of the advanced learning skill.

Remember that learning skill is the western way and needs to be sustained better. To be able to fully follow your technique so that you can improve it steadily.

, At the end of the symposium, a set of questions and answers were raised on this subject