May 27, 2023 | News
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A symposium entitled: IELTS Paper-based vs Computer-based

Today on (May 27, 2023) in the presence of  the head of departments and lecturer a symposium entitled (IELTS Paper-based vs Computer-based), was presented by the Assistant Lecturer (Mr. Mohamed Muayad Yousif ) from the English department, Where it has been explained about IELTS has launched the option of IELTS computer-based exam along with the IELTS paper-based test. IELTS computer-based (CB IELTS) is a modernized version of the traditional paper-based International English Language Testing System. CB IELTS utilizes computer technology to deliver and administer the test, providing several advantages to test takers. With features such as word count, timer, and spell-check, CB IELTS offers a more accurate and controlled testing environment. It also allows for quicker results processing, reducing waiting times. However, there are still pros and cons of this new version for the  test takers. The IELTS computer-based test (CB IELTS) is a modern and technologically advanced version of the traditional paper-based IELTS. It allows test takers to complete their assessments on a computer, offering several benefits such as enhanced efficiency, quicker results processing, and a more flexible test scheduling system. , At the end of the symposium, a set of questions and answers were raised on this subject