Oct 16, 2023 | News
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A symposium entitled: A topic dermatitis (Eczema)

Today on (Oct 16, 2023) in the presence of the head of departments and lecturer a symposium entitled (A topic dermatitis (Eczema)), was presented by the (Asst. Lect. Hileen Mustafa Haji) from the Department of Medical Laboratory, Where it has been explained about eczema, one of the most common illnesses in our society, affecting individuals of all ages. There is a great span in the individual suffering because of eczema, ranging from minor inconveniences to major health problems involving hospital care. For the purpose of this investigation I have delved into some aspects of this complex of problems, always with the individuals' reports forming the base for analysis. In the health care settings, the medical history is the primary story. At the end of the symposium, a set of questions and answers were raised on this subject.