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A webinar entitled: Evaluation of Iraqi Research in International Journals

On Sunday 12.06.2022, the Research Center of Cihan University- Duhok conducted a Webinar entitled "Evaluation of Iraqi Research in International Journals" at Cihan University Duhok hosted by:

Prof. Dr. Saadon Hammod Al-Rabeawi from the College of Administration and Economics, University of Baghdad.

Assistant Professor Dr. Zeravan Abdulmohsen Asaad from the Faculty of Administration and Economics, Cihan University- Dohuk.

In the presence of over 100 academicians from various Arab and Iraqi universities, the weakness of Iraqi research in comparison to neighboring countries was discussed, and proposals were presented by the speakers as well as the session participants.

Dr. Saadon Hammod also mentioned the importance of discussing this issue in the Ministry of Higher Education in Iraq's opinion board before making a decision on the publication procedures of some universities. He also emphasized the importance of the ministry and universities providing financial and administrative support to locally refereed scientific journals in order for them to meet entry requirements into international containers.

According to Dr. Zeravan Abdulmohsen's proposal, there is a need for a clear vision and a serious action plan, even if it takes ten years to achieve satisfactory results to raise the country's research value. The current results are very frustrating, with Iraq occupying the penultimate position.

According to the World Population Review website, out of a total of 78 countries in 2021, he began his address by referring to weaknesses in the disciplines of administration and economics, in particular in terms of poverty reduction (the number of published research, citations, and total references). He completed his statement by stating that a future study would be conducted to compare the reality of Iraqi universities in other international classifications based on specialization on the Clarivate Web of Science platform with Scimago based on Scopus.