Scientific Research & Consultation Bureau

Scientific Research and Consultation Bureau

Overview on bureau:

  • Inauguration of the bureau comes in accordance with the continuous cooperation between Cihan Group with the private study directorate in ministry of higher education and scientific research in Kurdistan Region – Iraq. The bureau prepare the studies for developing the projects with realistic way, accurate ideas for its success, gain profit and protecting from market risks due to the practical experience that Cihan Group accumulated in business and money sector in the last few years.

Bureau Goals:

  • The bureau aims to provide the best consultation services, economic feasibility studies for projects and business whether private or public in Kurdistan Region- Iraq

Bureau Mission :

  • We provide the distinguished consultation services, and preapre economic feasibility studies for project and business in private and public sector which contain accounting, financial, managerial services that is suitable for job of each client with acceptable prices.

Bureau scope of work:

  • Provide financial consultation services and evaluating investment opportunities.
  • prepare the plans and projects, and submit proposals for NGOs.
  • preparing economic feasibility studies for projects in private sector.
  • Opening training courses in cooperation with a group of specialists in SMES and entrepreneurship.
  • Opening workshops courses for human and economic development courses in cooperation with some local and international institutions.

Scientific Research & Consultation Bureua