Opening a Show of Graphic Art

by / Monday, 22 April 2019 / Published in Fine Arts

Under the supervision of Dr. Zeravan A. Asaad, the fine arts department held to open an exhibition for their teachers and that was on 22 April 2019, this exhibition had a special event which was the memorial of Dr. Saadi Abbas’s death as he was the last head of the fine arts department and it will continue opening for two days,

The participant teachers in this exhibition were:

  •  Khaled Abd Al-Wahab (Head of Department)
  • Serwan Shaker (Lecturer)
  • Maryam Hassona (Lecturer)

زانكويا جيهان-دهوك پێشانگه‌هه‌كا شێوه‌كارى بو ماموستايان ڤه‌دكه‌ت

ل رێكه‌فتى ٢٢ / ٤ / ٢٠١٩  ل ژێرچاڤدێريا به‌رێز (د.زێرڤان عبدالمحسن) سه‌روكێ زانكويا جيهان-دهوك و ب ئاماده‌بوونا به‌رێز (د.لقمان محمد صالح) هاريكارێ سه‌روكێ زانكويێ و هژماره‌كا سه‌روك به‌ش و ماموستا وقوتابيان به‌شێ هونه‌رێ شێوه‌كارى ب سه‌رپه‌رشتيا (د. خالد عبدالوهاب) سه‌روكێ به‌شى پێشانگه‌ها ئێكێ يا شێوه‌كارى بو ماموستايێن به‌شى ڤه‌كر، كو نێزيكى50 تابلو هاتنه‌ نيشاندان و بو ماوێ دوو روژان يا به‌رده‌وام بوو