Memorandum of Understanding between Cihan University – Duhok and Near East University, Cyprus

by / Saturday, 29 December 2018 / Published in University Activities
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On Saturday, December 22, 2018, the president of Cihan University – Duhok Asst. Prof. Dr. Zeravan A. Asaad welcomed a delegation from Near East University, Cyprus headed by Deputy founding Rector Mr. Tümer B. Garip.

They held a meeting at the presidency of the Cihan University – Duhok and talked about the process of study and mechanism of progressing education. Likewise, both sides showed their willingness to collaborate more to develop the process of education.
It is worth mentioning that the main reason behind this meeting was to sign a memorandum of understanding between both universities in order to collaborate and exchange academic staff and students, at the end of the meeting, the president of the Cihan University – Duhok and his guests made a tour inside the university campus and visited strategic projects at the university.

پروتوکولەکا لێک تێگەهشتنێ دناڤبەرا زانکویا جیهان-دهوک ب سەرپەرشتیا بەرێز پروفیسورێ هاریکار (د. زێرڤان عبدالمحسن) سەرۆکێ زانکویا جیهان، و ب ئامادەبوونا بەرێزان پروفیسور (د.ابراهیم احمو سمو) راوێژکارێ دەستەیا ئەمینداریا زانکویێن جیهان، وبەرێز پروفیسورێ هاریکار (د.بیار محمد رشید) رێڤەبەرێ دلنیایى جورى، پروتوکولەکا لێک تێگەهشتنێ هاتە ئیمزاکرن دگەل زانکویا نیرست یا قبرسى ژلایێ بەرێز (تومر غریب) بریکارێ سەرۆکێ زانکویا ناڤبرى. ب مەرەما مفا وەرگرتن ژ شیانێن هەڤدوو د بوارێن پروگرامێن خواندن و ژێدەر و ستافێ ماموستایان، هەروەسا د ئایندەیى دا د بوارێن خواندنا بالا دا.