Cihan University – Duhok was held a First Conference on August 5, 2017

by / Monday, 07 August 2017 / Published in University Activities

Cihan University – Duhok was held a first conference under the slogan “Towards New scientific horizons for building Kurdistan Region” with the presence of Dr. Nawzad Yahiya Bajger (the chair of the board of trustees of Cihan Universities), Dr.Fuad Maulud (Cihan University – Erbil President) , Dr. Said Ismail Al-Sulaivany ( Cihan Univerity – Duhok President ), Dr. Loqman Muhamad Salih (Vice President of Cihan University-Duhok), 20 researchers was participated on conference, and the conference was supervised by Dr. Zeravan Abdulmuhsin Asaad and Dr. Bayar Mohamad Rasheed Omer Marani.



Objectives of the conference

  • Acquainted with the latest developments in the field of banking, finance, accounting and information technology and its applications in all fields of life and inspiration for future prospects.
  • Kurdistan Region after ISIS and evaluating the influence of the ISIS war on the general economic of Kurdistan region- Iraq.
  • Providing the opportunity and the right atmosphere to exchange experiences and document the bonds of scientific communication.
  • To promote scientific research, customs and academic activities to serve the role of the university through the achievement of one of its objectives is sober scientific research.
  • Community service is one of the objectives of the university also by spreading awareness of the finance and banking sector, information technology and its future applications.
  • All of this contributes to enhancing the role of the university in contributing to building Kurdistan region today and tomorrow.

First Conference of Cihan University - Duhok