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There are several reasons: 1.Cihan University offers high quality, yet affordable, studies in Erbil, Kurdistan, one of the most developing regions of Iraq. 2.Cihan University offers degrees in a variety of academic fields. 3.Cihan University operates within a safe and friendly environment; the people of Erbil have a tradition of welcoming students from other cities or countries. 4.Cihan University provides an exciting campus life in a secure and pleasant place

There are plenty of academic fields, all leading to bachelor degrees: English, Computer Science, Business Administration, Accounting, Banking, The choice is yours.

In general, all academic courses are taught in English. In the case of Law studies, students learn Arabic in addition to English.

Cihan University teaching faculty is considered an outstanding one. Qualified and experienced lecturers from inside and outside Iraq are responsible to provide their fine teaching services.

Students with high academic performance are rewarded with scholarships in the form of fee reduction and discounts.

Yes, there are! Cihan University employs a number of foreign lecturers (Greece, United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Jordan, Libya, etc)

Cihan University continuously seeks and develops academic agreements for collaboration with prestigious universities around the world. Information about such collaborations is available at the International Office


Both the Admission Office as well as the Registration Office is located at the new building next to the main gate. Cihan Bank is also located at the same building.

The Cihan University Library is located at the ground floor of Building 2 (Law Department). Books can be borrowed for 1 week. The library offers a spacious study area and a computer room with free internet

There are free-to-use computer labs with free internet. Ask the secretary of your Department and the librarian.

There are 2 large dining places within the campus.The main restaurant is located behind Building 1 (Computer Sciences). A cozy café-restaurant operates across Building 6 (business Administration). Both places offer a variety of local and international food.

A praying room (one for men and one for women) is available behind the main restaurant.

Each course requires midterm testing and final testing. Usually, the midterm exam worth 40% of the final grade and the final exam 60%. The grading scale varies from PASS to EXCELLENT

The Head of Department is the person responsible for consulting you with the program of study and its requirements. Ask for an appointment when necessary.

YES! Students are expected to be in class on time, switch off his/her mobile phone and bring the required books in class.

If you need to see a doctor, there is a medical facility behind Building 2 (English Department).

There are plenty student activities you can participate: sports, student celebrations, fund-raising activities and a regular annual blood drive. An Olympic-size swimming pool is available to all students free of charge. Cihan University Radio Studio is available if you are interested. In April, the University Day is a major event with all departments organizing a variety of events.