Dr. Zeravan A. Asaad


Dr. Zeravan Abdulmuhsen Asaad

University President





Contact Information: 

Phone Number : +964 750 457 0282

Email:    zeravan.asaad@gmail.com , zeravan.asaad@duhokcihan.edu.krd


  • PhD  in Business Administration (University Utara Malaysia, Malaysia)
  • MSc Business Administration (University of DUhok, Kurdistan region)
  • BBA (University of Duhok, Kurdistan region)


Zeravan Abdulmuhsen Asaad, born in 1979 in Duhok-Kurdistan-Iraq, graduated from University of Duhok in 2002, obtained his MSc with distinction in Business Administration from the same university in 2005. He was appointed as Assistant lecturer at the department of Business Administration and later awarded scholarship to University Utara Malaysia in Malaysia when he carried out his postgraduate studies in Business Administration leading him to obtain his PhD in 2012. Dr. Zeravan was lecturing till 2015 at the different academic department in College of Administration and Economic/ University of Duhok. In 2014 he got scholarship from Erasmus Mundus program and he worked for one month as visiting staff at Faculty of Economics Sciences, Warsaw University, Poland he worked from 2016 to present as Assistant Professor. Dr. Zeravan was appointed as Head of Financial and Banking Sciences Department and a member at the Cihan University Duhok president council in 2015 and appointed as a director of quality assurance for academic year 2015 at the same university. Dr. Zeravan is a member of several distinguished academic institutes, has active scientific engagement, producing research work and participating in conferences within the region and abroad. His active academic life was inter-twined with his role as the member of university council in charge of administrative and logistics at the Cihan Universities group. Dr. Zeravan was instrumental in establishing collaboration programs with local and European universities which included staff exchange and joined supervision for junior and senior staff in the university. Over the last ten years, his evolved multi-tasking skills and communication experience has enabled him to conclude difficult missions successfully; believing that any new task is a new challenge which needs to be addressed, in teamwork spirit and engage in intellectual discourse on business and management issues, review, communicate and apply appropriate theories in professional practice, evaluate problems and develop solutions in the field of business and management, disseminate new ideas and findings from research to the business, and academic communities, as well as the society in general and perform effectively as a leader in the context of an organization or the society as a whole.Dr. Zeravan Asaad (Associate Professor) is having more than ten years of experience of teaching, research, consultancy and training at universities. Teaching and research interest: Financial Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Reporting, Management of Financial Institution, International Finance, Financial System, Contemporary issue in Finance, Banks Management, Stock Markets efficiency, Foreign Direct Investment and Entrepreneurship Finance or Small and Medium Enterprises Finance.


• Head of Financial and Banking Sciences Department • Reviewer and editorial board membership of many local and international journals like International Journal of Public Policy and Administration Research (IJPPAR), Pak Publishing Group. • Member in different academic or administrative committee work at department, faculty or university level since February 2006. • Participation in many local and international conferences, symposiums, workshops and seminars. • Member in Kurdistan Economist Syndicate since 2002. • Financial Manager at Innovation and Development Organization as A non-governmental organization (NGO) since 2012. • Lecturing and key speaker at many local non-governmental organizations (NGO) seminars or workshops since 2006. • Published many academic and social essays in local and regional newspaper and magazines since 2004.

2016- Assistant Professor in Financial Management, in Cihan University Duhok, Kurdistan Region – Iraq. 2015 – Head of Financial and Banking Science department at Cihan University Duhok. 2015- Director of Quality Assurance at Cihan University Duhok. 2012- Lecturer at Business Administration, College of Administration and Economic, University of Duhok. 2006- Assistant lecturer at Business Administration, College of Administration and Economic, University of Duhok. 2002- Assistant logistics in Mechem Demining (NGO) under UNOPS office in Duhok governorate, with extra four years in other official Kurdistan government organizations.

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