Cihan University-Duhok participated in 2nd Cihan University-Erbil International Conference on Literature and Arts (CIC-LITART’18)

by / Wednesday, 04 July 2018 / Published in University Activities
Cihan Erbil Conference (1)

On Wednesday 27, June 2018 a delegation from Cihan University-Duhok headed by Dr. Zeravan A. Asaad, the president of the University, Dr. Said Al-Sulaivany Advisor to the board of trustees, Dr. Loqman Mohammad Salih vice president participated in 2nd Cihan University-Erbil International Conference on Literature and Arts (CIC-LITART’18)

The aim of the conference is to facilitate and provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge and to share views and experiences in the fields of literature and arts between academics, graduate and post-graduate students, doctoral candidates, researchers and the field experts. Keynote speakers will address hot topics and issues in the field of literature and arts.

The CIC-LITART’18 is an international peer reviewed and non-profit conference. It seeks high quality, original and non-published papers in (but not limited to) the following topics:

First Session (Media) – New media strategy:

  • Media and electronic journalism.
  • Modern methods of advertising and its uses in media campaigns.
  • Modern technology and media and their impact on social media.
  • The media in the era of globalization.
  • Media and Public Relations.


Second Session (Translation) – Translation and the contemporary world:


  • Translation and modern technology
  • Translation and Culture.
  • Constructive approach to translation education.
  • Comparative studies based on translation.

Third Session (English language) – Modern Approach in Linguistics and Literature:

  • The relation between language, cognition, and literature.
  • Critical thinking and creative thinking in foreign language learning and teaching.
  • Modern versus classical techniques in drama and novel.
  • Linguistics levels and discourse analysis.

Fourth Session (Interior Design) – Innovative Trends in Interior Design:

  • Creative approaches in interior design.
  • Technological applications in smart buildings.
  • Sustainable interior spaces: between theory and practice.
  • Virtual interior spaces and parametric design.

Fifth Session (Sports Education) – Modern Trends of Sports Science in the Renaissance of Society (Challenges and Aspiration):

  • Physical Education and School Sports.
  • Sports Recreation.
  • Sports Management and Marketing.
  • Recent developments in Exercise Physiology.
  • Sport for people with Disabilities.