In the presence of Dr. Luqman M. Salih, university vice-president for administrative affairs, Dr. Zeravan Abdulmuhsin,  president of Cihan University-Duhok, honored and presented appreciation certificate to board members of the athletic clubs in Duhok for the first time as they were elected as new bodies in their clubs. The meeting also discussed the ways of

Higher Achivement

Ministry of Higher Education in Baghdad awarded accreditation/recognition to The Cihan University – Duhok . Congratulations to the city of Duhok , and this is a big achievement for our university which will motivate us for going forwards in developing science in our region, and on this occasion, we would like to congratulate all university’s staff and students


On 25th May, 2017 Cihan University – Duhok in cooperation with Cihan Group which are (Cihan Tea, Cihan College Private School, Cihan Insurance Company, Cihan Bank) participated in the Fifth festival of Duhok Governorate Day and it achieved the third place out of more than thirty participants in the Festival.


Under the Theme “Referendum is the way for independent” With the presence of University president “Dr. Saeed I. Al-Sulayvani” his Assistant (Dr. Luqman M. Salih), Dr.Zeravan A.Asaad head of financial and Banking department and “Dr.Bayar Muhammmad Rasheed Omer” Director of quality Assuurance Unit Graphics Arts Department opens its first annual exhibition for the academic year


Cihan university –Duhok was established in 2013 and it, now, comprise five Department (Accounting, Banking and Administration, IT, English and Fine Arts. The purpose of the delegation’s visit was to support Cihan University to be recognized and registered within the list of the Iraqi University.


Cihan University – Duhok launched a cleaning campaign on April, 18, 2017 under the supervision of Dr. Said Ismaeel Al-Sulivanay, the president of the University. The Vice president, Dr. Loqman M. Salih, the Department’s heads, the employees and students collaborated in cleaning the university’s campus and its surroundings as an attempt to preserve the environment.


Honoring ceremonies for the student, the Peshmarga, the martyr Mostafa, On 30th of April 2017, in honoring the martyr, the captain, the student of Cihan University-Duhok, Mostafa Ali Sadiq Sindi, ceremonies were conducted at the presence of the University President, Dr. Said Ismail Sulaivany, the vice president, Dr. Loqman Mohammed Salih, and a number of