لژنا بلندا سه‌رپه‌رشتا ئاهه‌نگا ده‌رچوونێ ده‌م و جهێن ئاهه‌نگێ ده‌ستنيشان كرن ئه‌ڤرۆ (16-10-2018) ب راسپارده‌ و رێنمايێن به‌رێز (د.زێرڤان عبدالمحسن) سه‌روكێ زانكويا جيهان-دهوك، لژنا سه‌رپه‌رشتا ئاهه‌نگا ده‌رچوونێ يا گه‌را دووێ ب سه‌روكاتيا به‌رێز (د.بيار محمد رشيد) و ب ئاماده‌بوونا گشت ئه‌ندامێن لژنێ سه‌ره‌دانا جهێ ئه‌نجامدانا ئاهه‌نگێ كر و ده‌ست ب ئاماده‌كاريا كرن ژ بو وێ

A seminar was held by Dr. D. Yuvaraj

Monday, 08 October 2018 by

on Monday, 8 Oct, 2018 in line with Cihan University academic and scientific procedure Dr. D. Yuvaraj delivered a Seminar entitled “Enhancement of contact based image retrieval (CBIR)” for the academic staff in the Department of Computer Science  in the Seminar Hull. At the end of the Seminar the future trends and challenges were presented.


on Wednesday 29, August 2018, Dr. Zeravan A. Asaad the president of the university participated in a meeting concerned about the situation of higher education in Kurdistan and Iraq,   د.یوسف گۆران وه‌زیری خوێندنی باڵا و توێژینه‌وه‌ی  زانستی ڕایگه‌یاند: به‌پشت به‌ده‌ستور، له‌ بواری خوێندنی باڵا هه‌رێمی كوردستان خاوه‌ن سیستمێكی تایبه‌ت به‌خۆیه‌تی، له‌به‌ر ڕۆشنایی ئه‌و سیستمه‌

Participating at University Exhibition

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ل رێكه‌فتى (7-7-2018) زانكويا جيهان-دهوك ب ده‌ستپێشخه‌ريا به‌رێز (د.زێرڤان عبدالمحسن) سه‌روكێ زانكويێ به‌شدار بوو د پێشانگه‌ها زانكويێن نيڤده‌وله‌تى يێن توركيا و قبرص ل هوتێلا ريكسوس ل دهوكێ، هه‌ر ژ ده‌مژمێر (1:00) تا (6:00) ئێڤارى يا به‌رده‌وام بوو، مه‌ره‌م ژێ پێشكێشكرنا پێزانين و رێنما و فورمێن پێشكێشكرنێ بو سالا نوى يا خواندنێ، كو زانكويا جيهان-دهوك ده‌رگه‌هێ

Cihan Erbil Conference (1)

On Wednesday 27, June 2018 a delegation from Cihan University-Duhok headed by Dr. Zeravan A. Asaad, the president of the University, Dr. Said Al-Sulaivany Advisor to the board of trustees, Dr. Loqman Mohammad Salih vice president participated in 2nd Cihan University-Erbil International Conference on Literature and Arts (CIC-LITART’18) The aim of the conference is to facilitate


As a part of Cihan University-Duhok strategy to strengthen the international relations with the well-known universities, Assistant Prof Dr. Zeravan Abdolmohsin Asaad the President of the Cihan University-Duhok, Dr. Said Al-Sulaivany cihan universities board of trustee member, Dr. Loqman Al-doskey vice president and Dr. Bayar Marane director of quality assurance unit visited TOROS ÜNİVERSİTESİ (Turkey),


In the date of 7 march, 2018 a visiting committee included of Cihan university – Duhok university that supervised by (dr. Zeravan Abdul-muhsin) visited the shrine of Mala Mustafa Barzani and (Idris Barzani) in which the various people from different culture in Duhok government participated in the event for renewing the long-life promise, love and


On March 3rd,2018 under the supervision of Dr.Zeravan Abulmuhsin the president of the University  a ceremony was held of Cihan University-Duhok the occasion of the death of the Kurds’ spiritual father the Immortal Barzani in the presence of Kurdish leader Mr. Mustafa Nirway who was given honorarium. Also, a seminar was presented by the Peshmarga


A delegation from the ministry of higher education and scientific research visits Cihan University- Duhok Today the 22nd of January 2018, a delegation from the ministry of higher education and scientific research in the Kurdistan Regional Government visited Cihan University-Duhok and was welcomed by Dr. Zeravan Abdulmuhsin, the president of the university, the vice president,

Management (5)

Cihan University president “Dr. Zeravan Abdulmohsin Asaad”met the employees to discuss certain issues about the plan of each department and unites in 2018. Moreover, he emphasized the spirit of teamwork to achieve all the tasks accurately.