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ل رێکەفتی (٩-٩-٢٠١٨) زانکویا جیھان-دھوک ب دەستپێشخەریا بەرێز (د.زێرڤان عبدالمحسن) سەرۆکێ زانکویێ و ب ھەڤکاری دگەل رێڤەبەریا سەنتەرێن رەوشەنبیری و ھونەری ئێڤاریەکا ھونەری ل پارکا نەوروز ل ناڤا بازارێ دھوکێ ئەنجامدا کو پێک ھاتبوو ژ ڤەکرنا پێشانگەھەکا ھونەرێ شێوەکاری ب بەشداریا ھونەرمەندان (د.نزار عبداللتیف، د.خالد عبدالوھاب، ماموستایان سیروان شاکر، دلشاد نایف، دلگش جاسم) برگا دووێ

Art 2

Cihan University – Duhok with the presence of University president “Dr. Zeravan A. Asaad” and his Assistant Dr. Luqman M. Salih Graphics Arts Department opens its Second annual exhibition for the academic year 2017 – 2018 on 14 – 15, May 2018  ڤه‌كرنا (پێشانگه‌هه‌كا 2ێ يا هونه‌رێ شێوه‌كارى) ل (زانكويا جيهان) ل دهوكێ ل رێکەفتی

Opening a Show of Graphic Art

Sunday, 22 April 2018 by

Under the supervision of Dr. Zeravan A. Asaad, the fine arts department held to open an exhibition for their teachers and that was on 22 April 2018, this exhibition had a special event which was the memorial of Dr. Saadi Abbas’s death as he was the last head of the fine arts department and it

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On November 14, 2017, Dr. Nazar Abdullateef, the head of Fine Arts Department, and the students of the same department visited Duhok Gallery Directorate and they were received by the manager of the gallery. Furthermore, the aim of this visit was to establish a mutual relationship between the FAD of Cihan University and Duhok Gallery,