Dr. Muslih A. Saeed delivered a seminar

Monday, 11 February 2019 by

On Monday, 2 Feb 2019 in line with Cihan University academic and scientific procedure (Dr. Muslih Awni Saeed) delivered a Seminar entitled “Doctoral program and its procedures at the University of Vienna” for the academic staff in Cihan University – Duhok in the Seminar Hull. At the end of the Seminar the future trends and challenges


ل رێکەفتى (6/2/2019) زانکویا جیهان-دهوک بەشێ زمانێ ئنگلیزى ب سەرپەرشتیا بەرێز (د.مصلح عونی) سەرۆکێ بەشى، دگەل شاندێ قوتابیێن قوناغا چارێ، بەشداربوون د کوربەندێ وەرگێرانێ کو هاتبوو رێکخستن ژلایێ بەشێ وەرگێران یا کولیژا زمان ل زانکویا دهوک ل دور (چاوانیا ب کارئینانا رێکێن دروست یێن وەرگێرانێ و وەرگێران ب رێکا ئەلکترونى کومبیوتەر و ئەنترنێت)، کو ل

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On Wednesday, August, 08-09, 2018, Mrs. Nooralhuda Ismaeel Jameel, a lecturer from the Department of English at the Cihan University-Duhok, participated in the 1st International Conference on Materials Engineering and Science (ICONMEAS) at Istanbul Aydin University in Turkey. She presented her research within the limited timeframe, and then the doors of discussion were opened for