Bilal Hikmat Rasheed


Bilal Hikmat Rasheed

Assistant Lecturer in Computer Science Department






Contact Information: 

Phone Number : +964 750 4249199



  • M.Sc. In Computer Science (University Hamdard India, India)
  • B.SC in Computer Science  (University of  Newroz, Kurdistan region)


Bilal Hikmat Rasheed, born in 1988, graduated from Newroz University in 2012, obtained his MSc with distinction in Computer Science from the Hamdard University in 2013. He was appointed as Assistant lecturer at the department of computer science in Cihan University. Mr. Bilal was lecturing till 2014 at the different academic department in College of Computer Science in duhok institute. Mr. Bilal is a member of several distinguished academic institutes, has active scientific engagement, producing research work and participating in conferences within the region and abroad. His active academic life was inter-twined with his role as the member of university council in charge of administrative and logistics at the Cihan Universities group. Over the last three years, his evolved multi-tasking skills and communication experience has enabled him to conclude difficult missions successfully; believing that any new task is a new challenge which needs to be addressed, in teamwork spirit and engage in intellectual discourse on Computer Science and IT issues, review, communicate and apply appropriate theories in professional practice, evaluate problems and develop solutions in the field of IT and Computer Science, disseminate new ideas and findings from research to the IT, and academic communities, as well as the society in general and perform effectively as a leader in the context of an organization or the society as a whole. mr. Bilal Hikmat Rasheed (Assistant Lecturer) is having more than three years of experience of teaching, research, consultancy and training at universities. Teaching and research interest: Computer Networks, Programming in several programming language ex: C++ , C#, Java , Object oriented programming , Artificial Intelligence  , Operating Systems , Data base using SQL , Computer Skills, Logic Design , CCNA1 ,  CCNA2, Mobile application with android devices.


• Lecturer in Computer Science Department • Member in different academic or administrative committee work at department, faculty or university level since February 2013. • Participation in many local and international conferences, symposiums, workshops and seminars. • Lecturing and key speaker at many local non-governmental organizations (NGO) seminars or workshops since 2012.

2016- Director of Information Technology Unit at Cihan University Duhok 2015 –Assistant lecturer in Computer Science department, in Cihan University Duhok, Kurdistan Region – Iraq. 2014- Lecturer at Business Administration, College of Administration and Economic, University of Duhok. 2013- Assistant lecturer at Duhok Polytechnics University, in IT Department Duhok institute.

1. Bilal H. (2017, May 10) Participate in 1st Administration and economics Conference: Lebanese French University Erbil, Kurdistan Region - Iraq. 2. Bilal H. (2017, August 5). Member in 1st International Scientific Conference on “Towards New Economic Horizons for Building Kurdistan Region” (pp. ): Cihan University Duhok, Kurdistan Region - Iraq.