As a part of Cihan University-Duhok strategy to strengthen the international relations with the well-known universities, Assistant Prof Dr. Zeravan Abdolmohsin Asaad the President of the Cihan University-Duhok, Dr. Said Al-Sulaivany cihan universities board of trustee member, Dr. Loqman Al-doskey vice president and Dr. Bayar Marane director of quality assurance unit visited TOROS ÜNİVERSİTESİ (Turkey),

Dear Students Cihan University – Duhok announced the Examination Results for the First Semester First Attempt 2017 – 2018. wishing you all the best  

Fine Arts – Examination Results

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English Department – Examination Results

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Computer Sciences – Examination Results

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On the occasion of the start of the final exams for the first semester, today January 27th, 2018, Dr. Zeravan Abdulmuhsin, the president of Cihan University-Duhok and Dr, Luqman Mohammed Salih, the vice president visited the examination halls and checked on the process of carrying out the exams and also wished the students good luck


On January 17th, 2018 his highness Dr. Zeravan Abdulmuhsin and in the presence of Dr. Luqman Mohammed Salih and some head of departments welcomed a delegation from Zanist Committee of Kurdistan Democratic Party which consisted of Mr. Ismael Simo the Head of the committee and some administrative staff of the committee. In this meeting, both